For Educators and Families

The ZADBI Curriculum


ZADBI is a fun and modifiable teaching tool that can be replicated at virtually any location.


Download the following lesson plan and resources to explore fly biodiversity at your site:


ZADBI PowerPoint

An introduction to why we study flies, how our project works, and how you can replicate it at your school, park, or backyard.

ZADBI Curriculum

A modifiable lesson plan for middle schoolers to adults.

How to Identify Flies

An on-line, interactive guide to common fly families.

Make ZADBI Fly Traps

Learn how to make some easy fly traps to use around your home or at school.

Suggested Literature:

Flies: The Natural History and Diversity of Diptera. By Stephen Marshall

Flower Flies of Los Angeles County. By Brian V. Brown, James Hogue, and F. Christian Thompson


Suggested Websites:

flyobsession…for those who live and breathe dipterology

The Encyclopedia of Life: Diptera Pages