We use various collecting methods to attract different flies from within the same location.

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Our Main Collecting Method: Malaise Traps

Most of our efforts are focused on a full year of collecting from two Malaise traps and additional collecting techniques. In addition to intense collecting at Zurquí, we have one Malaise trap for one year at each of two other sites at similar elevations in Costa Rica: the nearby Tapantí National Park, and the more distant Las Alturas, near the Panamanian border.


Additional Collecting Techniques

Every month, parataxonomists spend four nights and three full days at a cabin at Zurquí, operating additional traps, such as light, yellow pan, bait, and emergence traps, as well as fogging and sweeping.

We rear the larvae of some flies, such as mosquitoes and gall midges, as well as some families from fungi and rotting wood.

Bat netting is conducted by our collaborator, Dr. Carl Dick, to collect ectoparasitic flies (streblids and nycteribiids).

Comparison of Sites and Traps

We will compare certain fly species among the three sites, providing a first estimate of species differences for a community of Neotropical Diptera. We will also investigate the effectiveness of our sampling methods.


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