Published Papers

Borkent A., and B.V. Brown. 2013. Flying High at the Zurquí All Diptera Biodiversity Inventory (ZADBI) 51: 1-7.

(Excerpt: “A significant amount of material from earlier trap samples has already been processed and we now have representatives of 68 families. At an earlier date we sent a few specimens to each collaborator to ensure our preparation was up to their standards. A few comments resulted in some fine tuning and in September, Wendy Porras arranged the packaging of thousands of curated specimens to be shipped to the Los Angeles County Museum and from there, together with Anna Holden, to our many collaborators, each receiving more specimens of their families. Feedback has been very positive and the diversity of flies in most groups is high.”)

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Holden A., A. Borkent, and B.V. Brown. 2013. Progress of the Costa Rican ZADBI Project. Fly Times 50: 3-9.

(Includes updates on our website, new discoveries, outreach education and partnerships, updates from the field, and more).

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Brown, B. and A. Borkent. 2013. Zurquí All Diptera Biodiversity Inventory (ZADBI). Fly Times 49: 5-22.

(Excerpt: “Our experience with Diptera indicates that there are enormous numbers of undescribed species in the Neotropical Region, and to undertake the study of all species for a broad area would be impossible, both logistically and financially. Our project is more modest, and therefore attainable. We plan to begin rectifying this huge gap in our understanding by examining the diversity of all Diptera at the species level for a single tropical site in Costa Rica.”)

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